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Opatija is situated at the foot of the mountain and the park of nature Učka. In the past it was called Abbazia. Beautiful nature, parks, old Austrian-Hungarian villas, promenades and beaches have beeb attracting tourists from Europe and the world for 160 years. Opatija is leading place in Croatia regarding the organisation of congresses, seminars and conferences. The tourist development of Opatija started in 1844 by the construction of classicist villa Angolina and the rapid ascent experienced after 1880 when the whole area was bought by The Company of South Railways. The tourism hasn't brought to Opatija only economic prosperity and valuable architectural buildings but also it has left  in heritage valuable urban vegetation and beautiful parks. The coastal zone from Volosko to Lovran contains area of gardens and buildings built next to the sea. They are mainly buildings built in the period of economic ascent of their region, surrounded by gardens. The buildings don't represent  a monumental value, but they are exclusevly recognizable as objects for rest and tourism. Opatija is one of the most recognizable tourist brand in The Republic of Croatia.
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