Real estate Vrbnik

Vrbnik, a settlement and a little port in the central part of north.east coast of Krk. The hight above the sea level is 49 m. Il lies above the coast on an lime-stone hill, that is, on the east part towards the sea, finished by coastal steep slope, and, in the direction of west it lowers down to a valley of which the downer part was sunk and turned in a cove. In winter it is exposed to strong wind called ' bura '. In the clear cove ' Zgribnica ' it was put in order bathing place. The base of economy is agriculture, wine-growing, fishing, textile industry and tourism. The port is protected from all the winds. Smaller boats ca be put to shore along the inside wall of the break-water, and the the inside part of the port where thera are two stony gates as safe shelter for jachts.
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