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Njivice, once a little fishers' settlement, today is a famous tourist intersection of the guests from Europe and other countries. Njivice was mentioned for the first time in the donation of prince Ivan Frankopan from 1474, although by estimating after some archeological finds – the settlement is much more older. During the passed centuries it was a little village of the island of Krk, of which the inhabitants were mainly occupied with fishing, olive tree cultivation and cattle-breeding. In 1930 it was built the hotel ' Port ' ( today is called ' Jadran ' ) and the villa ' Dinka ', which has been considered as the begining of the tourism in Njivice. Beautiful beaches, exceptionally blue sea, the abundance of shade and mild climate, with extraordinary successful accomodation capacities, are basic features that attract guests and transform Njivice in more and more famous tourist destination. In Njivica one can find hotels, restaurants, caffe-bars, a camp, an amusing park etc.
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