Real estate Klimno

Klimno is a quiet little romantic place decorated by the church of St. Klement from 14th century, after which has got its name. In longtime tourist tradition it is famous after rich catering offer and restaurants which offer sea and other specialities in private villas and in auto-camp. Except for the permanent guests Klimno is also unavoidable trip destination that can be reached by sea and by land, surrounded by green colour of pines and other mediterranean vegetation. Just next to it there is a place called SOLINE famous after salt-pens and recently after more noticeable tourist offer in private accomodation and curing mud for curing arthritis etc. Protected cove and shallow warm sea as well as favourable climate conditions enable bathing and various sea sports already from May till the late autumn. Apart from curing features, rubbing with mud offers addiotional atmosphere of exotic vacations so the cove is more and more attractive, both for children and adults.
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