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Cres – With its north end it closes the bay of Kvarner. To the west and north-west from Cres there is the peninsula Istria, while to the east and the north-east there is the island Krk. The highest peak of the island is called Gorice and it's 648 m high. There is a fresh-water lake called ' Vransko jezero ' that is the main spring of drinkable water for the whole archipelago. In the north part of island submediterranean climate prevails and in central and south part the climate is mediterranean, which means moderately warm climate with lot of rain in autumn. Because of great thermal capacity the sea influences to the climate in the way that alleviate temperature differences – it decreases the highest and increases the lowest temperatures. In summer the sea makes cool and in winter it heats the land. The most attractive, regarding tourism, is Cres where is also situated a marina that gives the quality and variety of tourist offer. Little places like Martinšćica gives original immage of the life on island and that gives tourists recognizability.
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